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K is screaming from her bedroom. She is screaming like “Baby” finally lost it and went for the knife block.

K: “MOMMY!!!! I can’t see!!! I can’t see!!!”

I run to her bedroom like my ass is on fire, imagining a hot wheels sticking out of her eye, or an empty bottle of bleach next to her bed.

Me: “What’s wrong?”

K: “I close my eyes.”

I am ashen faced and panting.

Me: “how come you were screaming?”

K: “I wanted you hear me.”

She has a shitty smile all over her face.

Me: “Uh-huh. Next time you need me to know that you’ve blinked, please use your indoor voice.”

K: “OK, Mommy. I have cheese crackers?”

And there’s the crux of the situation. She wants a snack. She nearly stopped my heart so that I would get her a snack while I was up.

My God, she’s just like me.

For this. It was all for this.

For this. It was all for this.