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I’m naive.
It’s true, in a lot of ways, I am quite naive. I expect people to behave in a certain way, and I expect them to reciprocate the care that I show them.

I’ve had a revelation. I didn’t start this blog in order to please other people, and I don’t write posts that I know will rile those easily riled, simply to gain… whatever… views, visitors, comments I suppose, and I’ll no longer support those that I feel are here for that reason. Don’t you (a collective you… you know… not YOU you) have something better to do?

I don’t care how many followers you have, I don’t care how many comments are made on your page, but if you make these things the goal of your blog, it becomes very obvious as you bait me to comment again and again.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve celebrated all of the occasions when Naptimethoughts has reached a milestone, but it’s because it makes me feel good that people like my blog. MY blog. I made it myself, and I write because I like to, not to support my… What?
Why? Are you making millions off your blog? Do you expect to become famous? Is it ego?
I can’t develop a relationship with someone who only loves me for their stats (tear), and believe it or not, I think that’s the reason I’m still here. I like the interaction I receive from other bloggers, whether on their pages or mine. I like to read and get to know others who write. It’s a hobby, and one that’s gained me friends, real live friends, even though some may be far away.

So take your stats and shove them, WordPress. I won’t follow your advice to gain followers, I won’t take your advice to keep followers coming back, or use tips regarding what people like to see in my blogs. I come by lots of amazing bloggers every day, without selling myself out TO THE MAN (Men: responsible for everything that’s wrong in this world to date). I won’t use other bloggers just to make my blog feel good about itself. Naptimethoughts is a cat, she was born with self esteem enough for thousands.

Naptimethoughts is Naptimethoughts whether you like her or not. I may mess with you, but I promise to always tell it like it is. Ask Paul, I always tell you when I’m messing with you.

Hey, this is a rant! I don’t think I ever ranted before!
Go me.

That is all. Have a lovely evening, or whatever time it happens to be where you are.