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Naptimethoughts Searches for “Captain Caption” — A Contest!

To Grandmothers House We Go

Today in Haiku

First Game of the Season

Today in Naptimethoughts

Naptimethoughts: Today in My Kitty bed

The Massage Dude

Reblog: Freedom’s Place

Naptimethoughts Goes to the Rheumatologist

Today in Indentured Servitude

Naptimethoughts has a Birthday

The Adventures of Naked Girl 

Old Post Tuesday! The Return of the Willy Warmer 

Naptimethoughts Very First Prompt

Naptimethoughts Grows a Second Head

Naptimethoughts Q&A

Naptimethoughts’ Stats

Laughing With Ah Dad

Today in Haiku 

The Virtual Blog Tour (Take 2)

Naptimethoughts Gets Popcorn Stuck Up in Her Grill

Today in Naptimethoughts

It’s About Time for a Weddin’

Naptimethoughts Goes to a Renaissance Faire

Today in Haiku

The Lovely Blog, and Most Inspiring Blogger Awards

(Re-Blog) My Most Embarrassing Apologies

I Magically Poop Charms

Today in Naptimethoughts

Today in Haiku

The Tube From Hell

Naptimethoughts Goes to Back to School Night

Today in Naptimethoughts

Today in Haiku

August Should Be Illegal

No Pants

Brandee in Haiku

Today in Haiku

Twinkies To England

Today in Haiku

Momsemble For Every Occasion

Naptimethoughts Goes Roller Skating

Winner of the First Ever Naptimethoughts “Caption This” Contest

“Coming Soon” – “Your Grandmother Raised Monarchs – Anapperscompanion

There’s a Spider in My Car

Going on Tour by Sitting in the Same Spot– Snoozing on the Sofa

Divided By a Common Language — Scottishmomus

Today in Haiku AND Caption This Contest!!! (It’s a Double Whammy)

Faceless “Monkey”

Naptimethoughts Confessional

A Brief Synopsis of J’s First Tee-Ball Practice

Fat Lady and the Bicycle


Low Rider

Today in Naptimethoughts

The Trojan Horse

The Quintet of Radiance and Liebster Awards

My Miss Michelle Mishap

The Versatile Blogger Award

Today in Haiku (Otherwise Entitled Remember to Shower BEFORE You Go Out.)


My Brandy New Liebster

This Will Go Down On Your Permanent Record

Boys Are Gross

Today in Naptimethoughts

The Squirt, The Ultrasound, and the Robe with Three Armholes

Today in Haiku

Today in Haiku

Sticking It and Nailing It in Sochi

Today in Haiku

Have No Fear, Supermom is Here

Some Thoughts on the Willy Warmer

Awwww… Shucks

Today in Naptimethoughts

I Told Him… Eventually

Our Weekend Plans

Okay, but it’s Still Funny

Today in Haiku

Today in Haiku

A Haunting Disappointment

Today in Haiku

K’s New BFF

My Most Embarrassing Apologies

The Velour Track Suit

Today in Haiku

Today in Naptimethoughts

My Secret Eyeball Surgeon

Today in Deconstructed Haiku

Mental Note

K Tells a Joke

It’s the Hospital, Naptimethoughts

Today in Haiku

Today in Haiku

Today in Haiku

K and Sir Elton

Today in Haiku

J Goes to Kindergarten

Today in Haiku


Today in Haiku

My 100th Follower!!!

AAACH!! I Procrastinated Again!

Today in Haiku

K and the Garbage

A Very Special Today in Haiku

Fat Lady and the Bike II

Me and Spongebob (Caution- not partucularly funny. Like, at all.)

Today in Iambic Pentameter

Public Service Announcement

Fat Lady and the Bicycle

Today in Haiku

Today in Haiku

To My Readers


Space Farms- Part 2

My Day at the Beach

Today in Haiku

Today in Haiku

The Joker Award

Today in Haiku

Space Farms

Today in Dr. Seuss

Today in Haiku


Good Times at McDonalds

The Cat in the Plastic Bag

My trip to Walmart

Today in Haiku

Bros’ Before Hos’

Return to Goryeb Childrens’ Hospital

I Went with Pie.

Today in Haiku

Today in Dr. Seuss

The Pillaging of Sesame Street

Today in Haiku

Fun with Toddlers

Today in Haiku


Today in Haiku

Fun with J

My Favorite Pajamas

Today in Dr. Seuss

Death By Stupidity

Today in Haiku

Today in Haiku

Today in Haiku

Lunchtime in Haiku

The Showers

The Asshole Diaries

The Special Kisses

Today in Haiku

This will Go Down on Your Permanent Record

No Good, Very Bad day.

Wig-Bow Lady

No Respect, I get No Respect.

5/25/13… Does Anyone Know???

Creepy Old Guy

Today I am a Kickass Mom

Today in Haiku

Kindergarten Orientation 5/9/13

J Plays War with Himself

Appraised Haiku for my Day 4/1

Haiku for my Day

Goryeb Childrens’ Hospital

Text to The Husband

A Haiku for My Day

The Child Vomits. A Lot.

Text to The Husband

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